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Song of Ourself  is a living reminder that we are never alone. But "we" extend beyond the human race. Much of this collection centers on connection with and belonging within the natural world. We hope you will approach this body of work with a sustainable mindset and remember that the e-book is available as a free digital download here.

At the same time, we do believe that there is magic in the physical binding together of our pages. There is vitality in the materiality of things. Savoring a book in its objecthood is an act of honoring the imprint of embodied experience. As such, we have been committed to finding a way to make a print edition of Song of Ourself in alignment with the values that informed its inception.


Two tenets in particular became priorities: to make a book that could be printed on demand, to minimize waste; and to make a book sold without any author or publisher royalties. We totally believe people should be compensated for their creative work! But this passion project was never intended to yield anything other than the opportunity to share our words with one another, and with you. That opportunity is a gift to *us,* and we hope you enjoy reading this anthology as much as we have enjoyed making it! 

Song of Ourself: Voices in Unison is available for purchase online, through retailers including: 

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